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Mika's Windows Essentials

This page includes small apps that I made ages ago. Some of the apps serve for a very specific purpose and might not be of general interest. But if you ever find yourself in a situation where they are needed, these little apps can be real life savers. So try them out and share them - they're free of ads and free to use.

Video Screen Saver

Have you always wanted to use a video file as your screen saver? Now you can do just that with my Video screen saver tool. Download!

Screen Contrast

Is your display too bright even though you have set the brightness to its minimum? Then this tool might alleviate the agony of your eyes when looking at the ever so bright display of yours. Download!


Neck hurts and back is aching. You are looking at your gaming controller that has a rumble feature wishing that it could be used to massage your tight muscles. Well, now you can do just that with this magnificent tool. Download!

FastPhoto 5

With FastPhoto you can do all kinds of image manipulation tasks with a touch of a button. Download!

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